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Achievers Against the Odds


The people we are interested in for this project may not be famous at all. Some of them will be, but many will be people who are not famous. They will be people who have set about building a life for themselves

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About Us

In every community, there are people who stand out. They have quietly worked to build something; a business, an organisation, or perhaps a better life for themselves or others.

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The purpose of this guide is to explain to teachers the nature of the ‘Achievers Against the Odds’ Project and, to provide lesson plans that can be used to implement the Program at the school level.


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Achievers Against the Odds are people who have been able to turn problems...

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The purpose of this guide is to explain to Rotarians the nature of the ‘Achievers...

Who We Are!

Achievers may not be famous, but they have made their dreams real. Problems and difficulties are part of all our lives.